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Fuel Farm


The fuel farm, which is operated by Jordan Refinery Company, occupies an area of approximately 2,500 sq m and is, located about 100 m to the south of the passenger terminal apron.  As a large part of the fuel farm is sited within the taxiway safety clearance, the fuel farm is required to be relocated to a new location.

It has two semi-underground fuel storage tanks with a total capacity of 20,000 U.S. gallons, two automobile tankers with a total capacity of 2,400 U.S. gallons, three stand tanks with a total capacity of 13,500 U.S. gallons, associated pumps, fuel spill capture basin and a tanker/browser refueling area. 

Jet A1 fuel is transported from the refinery at Zarka and stored underground, before being delivered to aircraft parked on the nearby apron.  Piston aircraft can also be supplied with Avgas by prior arrangement.

The fuel farm provides two browsers with a capacity of U.S. 12,000 gallons each and a smaller browser with a capacity of U.S. 2,600 gallons for fuelling aircraft.

Currently about 10% of the fuel is consumed by Royal Jordanian Airlines.

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